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 Buster: The Plight of Feral Cats 

This site is a miscellany of concepts: Melanocytic neoplasia with a few discussions of other cutaneous neoplastic and hamartomatous disorders; philosophy as relative to the practice of pathology; and one memorial to a most handsome, young, black feral cat (Buster)

Four Sections - all, in a group, related to one of the Sections on this site (Virtual Images) - are based on material written in the late 80”s with additions and alterations through to the mid 90’s. One of the 4 Sections is included in the material on this site.The presentation on this one Section (item 2, below) is concerned with the role of “virtual images” in the interpretation of histologic tissue sections. The approach to these 4 presentations is most individualistic. In these 4 presentations, attention is given to the concept of minimal deviation melanoma.

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Two of the chapters are devoted to attempts to relate the structure of the web site to navigation about the Section in view.

 1. Buster (“It is only a Cat”): The plight of feral cats. A discussion of the navigation bars and how the bars relate to the structure of each Section is available at the beginning of this Section (Buster)

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 2. Virtual Images (The Art of Pathology) : A conceptual approach to problems in the taxonomy of melanoma. The original Introduction to this material has been published elsewhere (On the Imposition of virtual images and the art of pathology: A philosophy recognizing the arbitrariness of both segmented neoplastic continua and the diagnosis of malignancy, Sem Diag Pathol,  vol. 25, pp. 136-139, 2008 [http://www.semdiagpath.com/article/S0740-2570(08)00052-X/abstract]).

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 3. Fibrous Papules: Follicular neoplasms with emphasis on hamartomas of the butterfly area of the face: An examination of histologic patterns

 4. Neoplasms of the Inconstant Portion of the Hair Follicles: Follicular tumors, hamartomas, and neoplasms, with emphasis on correlations between patterns as seen in the cyclic phenomena of hair follicles and pattens manifested in follicular tumors.

 5. Adventitial Myxofibroblastoma (epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma)

 6. Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome: Fibrofollicular Hamartomas

 7. Mastocytosis

 8. Lichenoid Reactions (collagen-vascular disease)

 9. Lues (secondary)

10. Histoplasmosis

11. Section Diagram 2: Site Diagram 1

12. Desmoplastic Melanoma

13. Hair Matrix Tumor (text only)

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