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Melanocytic Dise ase.


This is the IMAGE MAP for this dummy section. I have included 3 illustrations to acquaint the reader with the utility of the map. By clicking on underlined items, it is possible to go to the selected illustration without attention to any of the navigation bars in the MASTERBORDER. In the following list, this section is identified as Sextr- . The chapters in the list below are identified as C9 and C10 for the visual aids, and as C11-17 for the illustrative pictorials. For chapter 9, the only label in the IMAGE MAP is SextrC9Va1-1. For chapter 10, the only label is SextrC10VA2-1. The convention, for each of these labels, translates as there being one visual aid on each “VA” chapter along tier 3. For the “children” chapters along level 3, the parent chapter for pictorials C9-11 is C4, for C12 & 13, the parent is C5, and for C14-17, the parent is C7. C6 is not a parent chapter. HOME is chapter 1 - the only chapter of the first tier. Numbering progresses along tier 2 in sequential order until a textual parent chapter is encountered; the numbering then proceeds to tier 3 and recognizes the children of the parent chapter before returning to tier 2. This variation is repeated each time a textual parent chapter is encountered along tier 2. The first chapter at the far left of the second tier is Chapter 2. the last chapter at the far right of the second tier is Chapter 17. The first chapter at the far left of the third tier is Chapter 5, and the last chapter along the third tier is Chapter 16 (most of the chapters away from this dummy site will be numbered in a different manner; they will be numbered sequentially with respect to their position on a tier, and from tier 2 through tier 3. VA- gives recognition to a drawing or table. P- gives recognition to a photo, either a photomicrograph or a clinical photograph.

The conventions for the labeling of sections, chapters, and pictorials away from this dummy site are:

Sections are identified by an S- followed by a number that identifies the specific chapter; Chapters of each section are identified by a C- and a number that identifies a specific chapter in the section; pictorials are identified by a P- and a number; and visual aids (drawings or schematics) by VA- and a number. A textual page will be identified by a sequential number, with numbering beginning at HOME (tier 1). The IMAGE MAP of tier 2 will be identified as such and will be the first chapter of the second tier. Beyond the IMAGE MAP on tier 2, a textual page will be labeled as an S-C- item, and by a label giving recognition to the basic subject. Parent textual pages in the navigation clusters in the MASTERBORDER, or at the end of each page will be identified by the addition of “-X.”



SxtrC9VA1-1: Erythema multiforme (drawing);

SxtrC10VA2-1: Lichen planus-like reactions (like-history);


SxtrC11P1-1: Porphyria cutanea tarda (photomicrograph);

SxtrC12P1-1: Pretibial myxedema;

SxtrC13P1-1: secondary lues;

SxtrC14P1-1: chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis;

SxtrC15P1-1: psoriasis;

SxtrC16P1-1: dermatitis herpetiformis;

SxtrC17P1-1: Behcet’s syndrome.



The IMAGE MAP, above the diagram, is the main item of the second chapter of this section; it is the first chapter of the second tier. For most chapters, a descriptive, but non-functional SECTION MAP is available in the same chapter as the IMAGE MAP. A cluster of navigation bars either in the MASTERBORDER or at the end of each page will provide access to all of the chapters. For SECTIONS 1, 8, & 15, a SECTION MAP follows the IMAGE MAP as a separate chapter (i.e., CHAPTER 3). For the 3 exceptions, the SECTION MAP is the second chapter of the second tier, as in the above diagram. For all other sections, the SECTION MAP follows the IMAGE MAP as a part of chapter 2. A yellow cluster of navigation bars always provide access to the sections of this site. The DIRECTORY button, at the end of each page of all of the sections, will provide access to a directory which will then provide access to all of the sections.



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