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Melanocytic Dise ase.

SxtrC11P1-1: This photomicrograph is representative of those to be found in the pictorial chapters of the actual sections (porphyria cutanea tarda). The quality of the photomicrographs will be found to be variable; the variablility in part is a human trait but also reflects the quality of the equipment, particularly in regard to efforts early on in the development of this site. Not all the photos are of this quality.


This is the first pictorial chapter along the axis of tier 3; the P1 of its name identifies this as a chapter devoted to pictorials. The label for the photomicrograph, SxtrC11P1-1, identifies this as the first pictorial chapter of level 3 and, in addition, identifies the respective pictorial as the first pictorial (for this dummy section, there is only one pictorial associated with this chapter. In the alternate system, this would be chapter SxtrC7 and the respective pictorial would be SxtrC7P1-1.



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