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Melanocytic Dise ase.

SxtrC9VA1-1: This crude drawing is representative of some of the visual material included as visual aids in some of the chapters (cicatricial pemphigoid).


This is the first chapter of tier 3; it is the ninth chapter in sequence from HOME and then along tier 2 and finally to this level. The legend for the drawing is SxtrC5 VA-1 [the “5” identifies it as the fifth chapter from home in a sequence from HOME (always the first chapter of a section and the only chapter of the first tier) through the first 3 chapters of level 2, and then down to the children of parent chapter Text 1-X; once the three children have been assigned a number, the numbering would then return to tier 2. At chapter Text 2-X, the numbering would then go to Pictorial 2, then through Pictorial 3 to return to level 2 and chapter Text 3 (and so on). The “VA-1” in the name identifies the illustration as a visual aid (a drawing or a table).Textual chapters at level 2 with the exception of IMAGE MAP, SECTION MAP, and “REFERENCES” are identified at the end of a page by the notation, “level 2.”



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