Follicular Patterns

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Figures 5-10 of Case 5 of the Ochsner Clinicopathologic Skin Conference
of 25 Feb. 2000, presented and discussed by R.J. Reed, M.D.

Fig 5: This small hamartomatous component is well-differentiated. The patterns, but for the perifollicular component, resemble those of trichofolliculoma. The pattern is anagen-like.


Fig 6: Also shows an anagen-like pattern with representation of hair matrix, papilla, and inner and outer root sheaths.


Fig 7: Fibrofolliculoma-like qualities are represented in this field. There are mantle-like patterns. Some of the epithelial patterns are catagen-like. The expanded perifollicular fibrous tissue is condensed.


Fig 8: This is a higher magnification of the field illustrated in fig 7. The follicle at some stage in its evolution has been trichogenic; there is a central hair shaft. The follicular epithelium shows apoptotic debris (red arrows) and the patterns resemble those of the catagen phase of a normal cycle


Fig 9: This follicle has qualities seen in late-catagen phase but the shaft in the dilated lumen is dysplastic; it is malformed and pigmented. To the right, the extremity of this dysplastic follicle shows features of a "resting" follicular "mantle."


Fig 10: The deep extremity of the fibrous bed (including a sclerotic papilla and adjacent stromal sheath) of an involuted follicle is represented. The follicular epithelium has undergone lysis and the papilla and sheath have coalesced to obliterate the defect. This represents a reactive hyperplasia of the normal supporting mesenchyme of a follicle.

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