Directory 1 (segmented
neoplastic continua)

Chapter 1

1. Introduction; VI01-1

2. Premalignant melanocytic dysplasia; VI01-2

3. Superficial spreading melanoma (SSM); VI01-3

4. Lentigo Maligna Melanoma; VI01-4

5. Anatomic levels; VI01-5

6. Anatomic domains; VI01-6

Chapter 2:

7. Anatomic domains, cont.; VI02-1

8. Anatomic levels, histologic patterns and integration of the two - level I; VI02-2

9. Same - levels II - IV; VI02-03

11. Migration of melanocytic cells - continuity of patterns; V0I02-4

12. Dropping-off; Vi02-05

13. Lichenoid; VI02-06

Chapter 3

8. Lentigo maligna & LMMelanoma; VI03-1

9. Acral lentiginous melanoma; VI03-2

10. Unclassified variants; VI03-3

11, Heteromorphic variants; VI03-4

12. Desmoplasic variants; VI03-7

13. Neurotropic variants; VI03-5

14. Nodular melanoma; VI03-6

Chapter 4

15. Borderland of neoplasia; VI04-1

16. Melanoma in situ; VI04-2

17. Vertical growth at the borderline: VI04-3

18. Borderline dysplasia; VI04-4

19. Borderline melanoma; VI04-5

20. Thin melanomas and homologies; VI04-6

Chapter 5

21. Prognostications; VI05-1

22. Prognostic categories; VI05-2

23. Cytologic dysparities - taxonomy and prognostications; VI05-3

24. Analysis of neoplasms; VI05-4

25. Historic perspective and bordeline neoplasia; VI05-5

26. Prognostications and grade of neoplasia: VI05-6

Chapter 6

27. Nuclear grade and prognostications; VI06-1

28. Variant vertical growth; VI06-2

29. Vertical growth; VI06-3

30. Malpractice - standard of care; VI06-4

31. Documentation of real and virtual images; VI06-5

32. Ulceration; VI06-6

33. Level IV invasion; VI06-7

34. Regression; VI06-8

35. Biased manipulation of real images; VI06-9

36. Conservative prognostic evaluation; VI06-10

37. Documentation of uncertainties; VI06-11

Chapter 7

38. Irrelevance of prognostic parameters; VI07-1

39. Margins of excision; Vi07-2

40. Metastases; VI07-3

41. Micrometases; VI07-4

42. Agminate Spitz nevus; Vi07-5

43. Thin melanomas and metastases; VI07-6

44. Summary; VI07-7

45. Variants of melanoma; VI07-8

Chapter 8

46. Variant nevi; VI08-1

47. Variant melanomas; VI08-2

48. Minimal deviation melanoma;VI08-3

49. Halo nevus-like melanoma; VI08-4

50. Classification of variant nevi and melanomas; VI08-5

51. Variant melanomas; VI08-6

52. Balloon cell nevus; VI08-7

53. Balloon cell melanoma; VI08-8

Chapter 9

54. Congenital nevi; VI09-1

55. Virtual images (congenital nevi); VI09-2

56. MDM-like lesions of congenital nevi; VI09-3

57. MDM of dermal type; VI09-4

58. MDM of halo nevus type; VI09-5


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