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 CASE # 1 (Presented by Wesley King Galen and Deborah C. Hilton)

 Six month old Black  male with a history of multiple pigmented lesions present since birth. Multiple hyperpigmented macules, papules, patches, and plaques involve the face, scalp, and body.

Fig. 1: At low magnification, the infiltrate is loose and band-like in the upper protion of the dermis.  The deep margin of the infiltrate is marked with violet arrows.  The infiltrate spares the epidermis.


Fig. 2: The infiltrate is perivascular and interstitial. There is an ill-defined pattern of sclerosis in the reticular dermis beneath the infiltrate of small mononuclear cells. The fibrosis is revealed in part by the hyperplasia of fibrocytes among collagen bundles. In this area, collagen bundles are slightly more acidophilic and compactly arranged.


Fig. 3: The mononuclear cells of the infiltrates have scanty cytoplasm and round, oval, or slightly irregular nuclear outlines. Nuclei are uniform in size and show uniformly dense chromatin patterns.

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