These images are of the first of a sequential set of specimens from the same lesion that will be further illustrated in figures B1-B5 and C1-C4.
Figures A1-A5 illustrate a small incisional biopsy when the lesion was not pandermal. It only extended to about the mid portion of the reticular dermis.

Low power showing lentiginous and junctional moderate melanocytic dysplasia in the epidermis overlying the dermal component. The papillary dermis is widened by a mixture of tumor cells, inflammatory cells, and fibrous tissue. Scattered tumor cells are in the reticular dermis.

High power of above.

Atypical cells loosely and irregularly represented in a widened papillary dermis (top of this picture) and extending between superficial reticular dermis collagen bundles.

Sclerosis with coarsening of collagen bundles of the reticular dermis. Scattered tumor cells having minimal atypia plus a few scattered inflammatory cells also present. 

Same as in the above picture, high power.

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