Ch11 Keratinocytes &

Buster (the plight of feral cats)


F1Ch11 (113084): In this example, a follicular component includes patterns of sebaceous differentiation. The intervening, non-adventitial dermis is composed of coarsened collagen bundles with a degree of hypercellularity. Vessels are ectatic.


F2Ch11 (113084): Superficial and basal units are represented. The basal unit mostly is represented in the preserved rete ridges. There is melanocytic hyperplasia. Blue arrows identify cells with increased cytoplasmic density and acidophilia; these changes are evidence in some cells even at the level of the basal layer. There is melanocytic hyperplasia. Vertically oriented collagen bundles extend to the basement membrane. There is hypergranulosis.


F3Ch11 (113084): The epidermis shows irregular effacement of rete ridges. Melanocytes focally are hyperplastic. Keratinocyte, mostly in the superficial unit, and individually and in clusters, show a distinctive “balloon cell” transformation. This is a rather common finding in the epidermis in a fibrous papule. The pattern of collagen bundles in the upper portion of the field is characteristic of the changes seen in a fibrous papule. In the lower portion of the field, there is some evidence of collagenolysis. Vessels are ectatic.


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