Ch15P7-L3 Folliculogenic 
Myxoma 2

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F1Ch15 (R4547): In this area, basal cell hyperplasia of germinative type involves the infundibular portion of the keratin-filled follicle to the left of the center of the field. The basal cell changes extend along the epidermis away from the involved follicle. The epithelial changes do not involve the “mantle zone” of the follicle (whatever that is) in this section. In the area of the basal cell change involving the follicle, the tumor that is in contact with the basal cell component is         hyper-cellular; inductive changes are mutual, one component for the other. In scattered small areas, the tumor, as a section artifact, appears to have bulged into the epithelial domain of some of the thin strands of squamous epithelium.


F2Ch15: Mesenchymal and epithelial components both show hyperplasia; the patterns support the interpretation that each component is interacting with its neighboring. The attributes are such that the basal cell component might be characterized as basal cell hyperplasia of germinative type. In one small area, the “stromal” changes are more prominent, and the patterns are somewhat suggestive of an abortive papilla ( “mesenchymal body”).


F3Ch15 (see F1Ch9): In this area, the patterns can be compared to those of a fibrofolliculoma with the qualification that the stromal component is myxoid. To the right of the follicular component, there is an area of fibrosis. The pattern in this field qualifies as myxofibrofolliculoma.


F4Ch15: Colloid bodies are loosely spaced in the myxoid stroma. In turn, a basal layer of the epidermis is not well-defined where the tumor presses upon the epithelium.


F5Ch15: The mesenchymal component focally is fibromyxoid. A small cystic area is represented to the right.


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