Ch19P11-L3 Catagen-like
& Follicular Matrical Tumor

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F1Ch19 (R4564): The cytologic features of the tumor cells clearly are those of matrical cells; in this approach, the characterization does not identify the cells in a more definitive manner as being the precusors of the trichogenic portion. The cells have scanty, acidophilic cytoplasm and indistinct cell membranes. Nuclei are round and uniform; many of the nuclei have a small central nucleolus. The basal row of cells shows palisading of nuclei. Focally, there is a suggestion of rows of cells above the basal layer. There are small, scattered clefts and rounded defects among some of the rows. This column of cells is ensheathed by a fibrous membrane. The adjacent stroma is loosely cellular and fibrous.


F2Ch19: To the right, there is a significant variation in pattern. Clustered, uniform cells are rather loosely spaced in a clear matrix; the cells are somewhat spindle shaped. Some of the cells contain melanin deposits. At the extreme right margin, the melanin deposits are prominent. The changes, in the area with loosely spaced cells, might be compared with those of the trichogenic portion of a hair bulb.


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