Ch20 Polypoid Fibrous Papule

F1Ch20 (R4919): Polypoid lesions of this type often show lysis of collagenous components away from the domains of the adventitial dermis. Perifollicular components and some of the vascular components show a prominent involvement of the adventitial dermis.


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F2Ch20 (R4919):Collagenolysis is a prominent feature. Collagenous components are most prominent in the domains of the adventitial dermis. Vessels are ectatic; some contain rounded acidophilic bodies. Plump epithelioid cells are scattered about in the watery matrix where collagenolysis is a prominent feature.


F3Ch20 (R4919): Patterns are characteristic of those seen in fibrous papule but, in the lower half of the field, there is evidence of collagenolysis beyond the domains of the adventitial dermis. There are focal, cell-poor lichenoid reactions.


F4Ch20 (R4919): Collagenolysis is a prominent feature beyond the domains of the adventitial dermis. The condensed perifollicular sheath is brightly acidophilic. Vessels are increased in number and ectatic. The follicle is immature (miniaturized); it deviates in regard to axial orientation.


F5Ch20 (R4919): The fibrous sheath of the follicle (a component of the adventitial dermis) is brightly acidophilic and laminated. Dark blue arrows identify the cellular precursor of what will become the cuticle of the inner root sheath at a higher level. Green arrows identify Huxley’s layer (cells that are rich in trichohyalin).


F6Ch20 (R4919): Yellow arrows outline the “domain” of precursor cells of the trichogenic portion of the bulb. Red arrows appear to define the precursors of Huxley’s layer (the trichohyalin-rich cells of the inner root sheath. Do the blue arrows define a row of cells that are the precursors of the outer root sheath? The two blue arrows to the left define a row of basal cells that might be better characterized as the germinative cells of the outer root sheath. Green arrows identify thin, dark, dendritic cells that are interpreted as melanocytic cells. Might the scattered round pale cells of the papilla represent precursors of dendritic reticulum cells?


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