Buster (the plight of feral cats)

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Ch2aF1-6: Basement membrane changes;

Ch3F1-7: Fibrous patterns of adventitial and reticular dermis, and vascular changes;

Ch4F1-3: Epidermal patterns and patterns of adjacent fibrous tissue;

Ch5F1-4: Patterns of epidermis and adjacent fibrous tissue;

Ch6F1-3: Changes in follicular component of adventitial dermis;

Ch7F1-6: Vascular component, including adventitial changes;

Ch8F1-6: Polypoid lesion, vascular and connective tissue changes;

Ch9F1: Follicular adventitia;

Ch10F1-4: Vascular and dermal-epidermal basement membrane changes;

Ch11F1-3: Dermal and epidermal changes;

Ch12F1-7: Vascular changes and dermal cellular changes;

Ch13F1-6: Patterns of fibrosis and membranous changes at the dermal-epidermal interface;

Ch14F1-5: Adventitial dermis - responses to injury;

Ch15F1-3: Perifollicular sheath - responses to injury;

Ch16F1-8: Changes at the dermal-epidermal interface;

Ch17F1-6: Atypical cellular changes;

Ch18F1-5: Atypical cellular changes and hyalinization;

Ch19F1-7: Cell-poor lichenoid reaction; atypical cellular changes; and hyalinization;

Ch20F1-6: Polypoid lesion; prominent perifollicular and perivascular changes;

Ch21F1-8: Polypoid lesion; connective tissue and cellular changes;

Ch22F1-7: Polypoid lesion; vascular and cellular changes;

Ch23F1-6: Membranous changes;

Ch24F1-6: Membranous and cellular changes;

Ch25F1-5: Membranous and connective tissue changes. 

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