Ch42P34-L4 Pigmented Intra-lesional
Tricholemmal CA

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F1Ch42 (Q8152) (continuation of Ch41): Although pleomorphism is not a prominent feature, the atypia is moderately severe. The lesion has been assigned to the category of intra-lesional tricholemmal carcinoma, but a category of atypical tricholemmal hyperplasia might also be acceptable.


F2Ch42: Vacuolization of the cytoplasm of cells of the basal unit-like component is a variable feature. The component at the top of the field has superficial unit-like features. There is a whorl of squamous cells. There are scattered pigmented tumor cells, and there are scattered pigmented dendritic cells.


F3Ch42: The degree of nuclear atypia is uniform; chromatin is dense; nucleoli are masked by the chromatin, but are plump. Some of the cells of the whorl are dyskeratotic; some are pigmented.


F4Ch42: The cytologic features of this field are those of a basal unit-like component (with the exception of the cells in the left upper corner). Melanin deposits are present in the cytoplasm of scattered cells. There is one dyskeratotic cell. Some of the cells have cytoplasmic vacuoles.



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