Ch5 Dermal-Epidermal

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F1Ch5 (106049): The plane of the section is somewhat tangential; the basal unit of the epidermis appears to be hyperplastic. There are a few dyskeratotic cells in the basal unit. Some of the cells of the basal unit show intracellular edema (perinuclear vacuoles). A “basement membrane is coarsened and acidophilic. A pale, fiber-poor zone is present on the dermal side of the basement membrane.


F2Ch5 (106043): The epidermis is hyperplastic; both a basal and a superficial unit are represented. Near the center of the field, some of the basal cells show an acentuation of cytoplasmic acidophilia at the junction with the basement membrane. There is focal, mild liquefaction degeneration at the D-E interface. Also near the D-E interface, coarse, straight, acidophilic collagen bundles extend to the basement membrane zone. Away from the area of condensed collagen bundles, the bundles are thinner and loosely spaced in a faintly myxoid matrix. The connective patterns away from the adventitial domains are evidence of collagenolysis but also represent an accentuation of a basophilic (myxoid) matrix. Conceptually, the patterns could be accommodated in the category of connective activation.


F3Ch5 (106043): To the right, yellow arrows identify a pattern of duplication of basement membranes. A pattern of a common papillary dermis is not represented; instead, coarse collagen bundles extend to the basement membrane. In the area where the attachment is a prominent feature, an unusual acidophilia characterizes the sub-nuclear extension of cytoplasm; the cytoplasm blends with the basement membrane.


F4Ch5 (106049): Away from the immediate adventitial domains, collagen bundles are coarse and acidophilic; many are vertically oriented and be followed along the field (they are relatively straight). Vessels have thickened walls and an expanded adventitia. Cells, thought to be dendritic fibroblasts , show variation in nuclear size and outline. There is some degree of atypia (blue arrow).


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