Ch6 Perifollicular 

F1Ch6 (106049): Follicles of fibrous papules are usually of a miniaturized type. This immature follicle shows early anagen features. This longitudinal section apparently is off center; an early inner root sheath (blue arrows; trichohyaline granules) is represented in the absence of any representation of a primitive hair root. The inner sheath is configured as a wedge; it is penetrating the column of clear cells (outer root sheath). It is inaccurate to characterize the follicles of a fibrous papule as being atrophic; the miniaturized follicles do cycle in the manner of normal follicles; they do not do so in concert. The perifollicular sheath is expanded and laminated.


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F2Ch6 (106049): The orientation of this follicle might be interpreted as an error; actually, some of the follicles of a fibrous papule have dysplastic features and may be oriented in an abnormal direction (i.e., in a direction that does not correspond to the vertical axis of the skin). The perifollicular sheath has two layers; the outer layer is composed of coarse lamellae; the inner sheath is coarsened but the lamellae are thinner and more closely resemble those of a normal follicle. An early papilla is represented.


F3Ch6 (106049): The pattern in this follicle is that of catagen phenomena. In the area of a bulge, many of the keratinocytes show dyskeratosis (apoptotic changes). many of the squamous cells in the region of the bulge show perinuclear vacuoles. A portion of a glassy membrane seems to be represented near the superior extremity of the follicle on the left; in this area, stacked, coarse, brightly acidophilic collagen bundles are attached to the membrane. The perifollicular sheath is slightly widened (more on the left than the right). In addition, parallel arrays of collagen bundles stream in the neighboring reticular dermis; they parallel the long axis of the follicle. In the reticular dermis, on the left, there is an increased number of dilated, thin-walled vessels.


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