Whithers 1, 2 & 3

The Whithers

(Pathology, Politics, Forensics, and Philosophy)

The Whithers are the product of a spur of the moment impulse to contribute to a web site. The desire to record certain opinions was long-standing, dating back to the mid-1970ís. The Whithers are a response to political decisions; embroiled linguistics; egoistical promotions; and the manner in which an art has given way to technology.

Whithers I serves as an introduction to the discipline of pathology. The concepts of real and virtual images, as involved in the practice of pathology, are introduced. The parcelling of neoplastic continua is discussed.

In Whithers II, the imprecision of neoplastic parcels is introduced with comments on dimensionalities and relativities in the assignment of physical attributes. Histologic patterns are dealt with as if cellular events in neoplastic progressions could be compared with a simple process such as a sowing of seeds in soil - the planting of a garden. Certain cells of the epidermis are portrayed as seeds; the connective tissue of the skin is portrayed as the soil

Whithers III deals with the art of pathology with elaboration on the real and virtual images of histopathologic events as they might relate to events that occur in the making of a garden.

The subject matter is not as innocent and comical as a reader of the above introduction might anticipate.


VA1T2&3philosophyP1D3: This is representative of a portion of tier 2 & 3. The Philosophy chapter at tier 2 is a parent for 3 chapters at tier 3. With the navigation bars at the end of each chapter (i.e., BACK, NEXT, UP, and DOWN) all of these units are accessible. On the other hand the blue navigation bars at the end of the page - those below and to the extreme right, provide access to all of the chapters; they would not be accessible with the sequential bars below. Note: Philosophy is misspelled but I am too old and tired to make the effort to correct it.












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