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1. Histopathology of Inflammation

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SD1: This site is composed of 60 chapters (each yellow emblem represents a “chapter”). The size of the site makes it difficult to diagramatically include all the chapters in a single figure - four figures are requires. The first chapter (Home) is not represented in this figure (see figure SD2. Portions of tiers 2, 3, & 4 are represented. The chapters are numbered sequentially from left to right along each tier. The first chapter along tier 2 (the superior tier) is chapter 2 (Home at tier 1 is chapter 1). The first chapter along tier 3 (the middle tier) is chapter 9. The first chapter along tier 4 (the inferior tier) is chapter 33a. In the way of review, chapter 2 (second chapter along tier 2) is the parent for 10 chapters along tier 3. In turn, chapter 10 (second chapter along tier 3) is a parent for 5 chapters along tier 4.


SD2 (site diagram continued along its horizontal axis): Chapter 1 (Home) is the only chapter along tier 1. It is the parent for 7 chapters along tier 2 (only four are represented in this portion of the horizontal structure of the Site Diagram. Each of the four that are represented in this portion is a parent for “child” chapters along tier 3. Also in this portion, chapter 24 along tier 3 is a parent for 3 children along tier 4.


SD3 (continuation of Site Diagram along horizontal axis): Tier 2 ends in this portion of the Site Diagram. Chapter 7 is the last chapter along tier 2. Chapter 8 is the Site Diagram and is not represented in this diagram in any of the figures (it is represented at the beginning of tier 3). Ten chapters that are children of chapter 7 are represented in this portion of the Site Diagram. Five of the ten are parents for chapters along tier 4.


SD4 (right extremity of Site Diagram): At the end of the horizontal axis of the Site Diagram, two chapters along tier 3, and one chapter along tier 4 are represented. The last chapter along tier 3 (chapter 33) is a parent for chapter 46.


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