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Ch9: Hair Cycles

CH10: Hair Cycles

CH11: Hair Cycles

CH12: Hair Cycles

CH13: Follicle (isthmus & infundibulum

CH13a: Catagen Patterns

CH14a: Sebaceous ostium & Catagen Patterns

CH14aa: Sebaceous Keratosis

CH14aaa: Inverted Follicular Keratosis

CH14b: Tricholemmoma

CH14: Folliculogenic Myxoma

CH15; Folliculogenic Myxoma

CH16: Catagen-like & Follicular Matrical Tumor

CH17: Catagen-like & Follicular Matrical Tumor

CH18: Catagen-like & Follicular Matrical Tumor

CH19: Catagen-like & Follicular Matrical Tumor

CH19: Catagen-like & Follicular Matrical Tumor)

CH20: Catagen-like & Sebaceous Epithelioma

CH21: Catagen-like & Sebaceous Epithelioma

CH22: Catagen-like & Sebaceous Epithelioma

CH23:Tricholemmoma (blastomatous component)

CH24: Tricholemmoma (blastomatous component)

CH25:Catagen-like and Sebaceous Tricholemmoma

CH26: Catagen-like & Sebaceous Tricholemmoma

CH27: Tricholemmoma

CH28: Catagen-like Tricholemmoma

CH29b: Tricholemmal Basaloid Carcinoma

CH29c: Tricholemmal Basaloid Carcinoma

CH29a: Atypical Tricholemmoma

CH29: Tricholemmal Basaloid Carcinoma (also irritated seborrheic Keratosis)

CH30: Catagen-like Tricholemmoma

CH31: Catagen-like Tricholemmoma

CH32a: Tricholemmoma-like Mixed Tumor

CH32: Tricholemmoma-like Mixed Tumor

CH33: Tricholemmal Carcinoma

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