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Relativities Affecting the Practice of Pathology; Individual Variability in the Parcelling of Histologic Real Images and in the Evocation of Pertinent Virtual Images

(Feb., 2009)

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Images: Intensionalities: Interpretations with the Assignment of Words: Decisions based on the Interpretation of Words: Individualities - The Art of Pathology and the Human Condition:

The practice of histopathology is a singular procedure in which an individual observer, from his mental reservoirs, imprints his unique perspective onto the real images of histologic sections. The imprints are representative of his stores of relevant information; his individual experience with other similar lesions; his anticipation that a reviewer might be on an entirely different interpretative tract; and his appreciation of the influence of his report on therapeutic options. It is to his advantage to also appreciate the manner in which his degree of alertness might influence his ability to call upon appropriate imprints. These subjective overlays are discussed on this site.

The original introduction for this site has recently been published (Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology 25:136-139, 2008). The reader might access the published introduction; it is more detailed than what is available in this chapter on this site.

The material on this site deals mostly with melanocytic neoplasia, and the manner in which philosophy impacts on the practice of pathology. It is an aspect of the human condition that what constitutes nature, in all its aspects, is a continuum which can be accessed by man only by structuring arbitrary parcels. The parcelling of phenomena makes the parcels accessible, but only to the degree that the arbitrariness of the parcels has relativity to what is sought by the observer; individuality is introduced once the continuum has been parcelled.

The parcelling is open to individual preferences. In this regard, the preferences can be influenced by such diversities as ego, orneriness, competitiveness, and general weakness in pathologic techniques. This group of factors come into play in the conduct of “controversies.”

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The 17 “Virtual Image” chapters represent an attempt to illustrate what we do in structuring schemata to be used in the interpretation of histologic sections, and in the formulation of therapeutic options and prognostications.

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